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2 Reasons Why Passive Investing is Great for Older Real Estate Investors

Delaware Statutory Trusts solve a lot of the headaches of owning and managing rental properties, but real estate investors are looking at them for more reasons than just that. And many are getting involved through 1031 exchanges.


2 Reasons Why Passive Investing is Great for Older Real Estate Investors:

1) No More Need to Manage Properties

Sometimes we hear of a client who is aging and no longer has the health, time or desire to manage their own real estate investments. DSTs can offer a great passive option while preserving the desire to be invested in real estate.

2) Freedom

Passive investing allows older real estate owners the time and freedom to travel, pursue other endeavors, spend more time with family and/or move to a location that is removed from their current real estate assets.

... The above article contains information extracted from an article published on called "Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Investors Are Jumping into DSTs by: Daniel Goodwin - March 21, 2021. link to online article

*** DST investments are illiquid, highly speculative and like all real estate, may involve substantial risks.  DST owners do not maintain control over management decisions and are subject to additional IRS regulations. Potential tax benefits must be weighed against the costs and fees associated with a DST investment and its management. 


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